artistique-meg Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I painted these nails for when I went over to Melbourne to see my lovely David, he likes him some Gloomy Bear :D So this photo was taken after I'd worn it for two weeks. Yes, two weeks, that's what to wonder of a layer of acrylic can do for your nails! It keeps them strong, helps them grow and your nail polish never chips.

I only recommend it if you're up for the maintenance though, I get lazy with it, as you can see these are in need of a refill but a lot of the time I just file them slightly and paint over it. LAZY! Anyway, to the point, the nails!

I love how they turned out and so did David, hurrah!

What I used: Beautiful Nails in White, Glossyblossom in  Mat Rose, Orly in Fair Godmother and Hawley Nail Art Pen in Black.

Nice and simple design that looks great in the end. Thanks for looking!


Sammersaurus said...

Two weeks? That's amazing. I love the design

Jette Fromm said...

I second that... Two weeks! Still looks awsome :) I love the Gloomy design!

Joice said...

Pedobear gone pink and bloody :))
My lucky lucky superhero nails look like that after 2 weeks too but with regular polish :D Bwahahaha!

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