artistique-meg Thursday, November 24, 2011

My first impression of the Docs product was 'wow, that's a nice sized bottle!' I've borrowed it from my mum who bought it in a pack with a cuticle oil and a top coat, the top coat is again 30ml and the oil is probably less than half that, but oh well. So the instructions are to paint two coats the first day, then a coat every day for five more days. Then nothing for two and then you start over. Sound confusing? Well, with a memory like mine it was a bit, I kept forgetting where I was up to and found that frustrating. I also didn't like how you couldn't paint over it with a polish in the meantime.

Application of the product is fairly straight forward though you need plenty on the brush. I noticed that it got a bit sticky on a few nails and left that horrible patchy look on my nails. I wanted them to look shiny and healthy! But that was a no go apparently.

I didn't notice much change over the first week. My nails didn't chip or peel as much as they have before so that is something, they don't seem to be much stronger though as in the second week they chipped almost daily! Also on the second week I noticed another big change, again not in a good way. The polish was turning my nails yellow! Yuck. About two thirds through the second week I tried my best to remove it but a lot of it was stubborn. I even used acetone and I could still feel residue! :(

All in all I don't really think the Docs Revitanail works for me but when I've seen the results on my mum I will honestly say it works for her. So I suppose you just have to try it for yourself unfortunately. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it to be honest because I've heard it does magic for some people yet for me it turned out a bit gross. It seems this product is quite unreliable.
Anyway. The 30ml bottle comes in at around $22 and can be found at most chemists and in packs at Priceline. Let me know if you try it and what your results were!

At the moment I'm using Hard as Nails Hardener by Sally Hansen so I'll post up a review in a week or so.

artistique-meg Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's been a few months, I've been under a heap of stress and that has in turn ruined my nails. They're frail; they peel, chip and snap. Nail art doesn't work right now :( Anyway, lots of bloggers do a weekly wishlist thingy and I thought it would be fun to share what I've been eyeing as of late. It's a birthday/christmas thing because I'm greedy and it's a big list. Haha. So, onward!