artistique-meg Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Orange is my absolute favourite colour and I love anything orange flavoured so I decided to do another orange inspired mani :) This is super simple and anyone can try it!

My nails are super short now because I wanted a change. I'm loving having short nails but I still miss having lovely long feminine nails. I also accidentally broke half of my pinkie nail off a few weeks back so that's why it's teeny tiny. Anyway, on to the nails.

What I used: Rimmel 050 Tangerine Queen and Sure Promise nail pens in dark green, black and white.

I also wanted to share a photo from Halloween. Myself and my friend Tina had a 90s horror binge on Halloween and I decorated accordingly :)

Thanks for looking :)


Kaz said...

Aww I love them! So cute!

artistique-meg said...

Hehe, thank you. I'm becoming obsessed with cutesy nail designs!

The Girl With said...

Aww cute oranges!

Joice said...

Happy happy joy joy ^^
If you're wondering, I'm the nut that's going to comment on all your designs. 'Cause I didn't do that when I first saw them and they deserve the squee :D

artistique-meg said...

Omg, thanks so much! You're amazingly awesome!! <3

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