artistique-meg Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It was suggested to me to do some Batman nails but I've already done that quite a few times...instead I decided to do little cute bats, including a lovely albino one! :)

I really like them! I think they're quite cute <3
What I used: Sportsgirl in Lace and Supernatural for the base. Then a coat of Mode in Diamonte because I haven't used glitter in so long! And just a basic white and black nail art striper/pen :D

Now I think my second favourite brand of nailpolish, at least affordable is the Sportsgirl Nail It...they're freaking awesome and come out with great colours that apply amazingly all the time. I went a little overboard and bought five because I was so far behind on their latest releases. So from left to right; Lace, Supernatural, Oasis, Sublime and Sunrise.

Okay and last but not least, I've been thinking. I love doing complicated and unconventional nail art but perhaps I could try to do a post a week of simple and easy nail art...for beginners or people that want to learn. I could maybe do picture tutorials for them too. Hmm..well, it's just a thought, let me know!

Thanks for looking!


Joice said...

Haha the bats look a little surprised to be on your nails :P
Tutorials are always very welcome, I love learning how stuff is made. I hate myself for being such a spaz when doing my nails. I'll decide every day "this is what I'm doing with my nails next!" but I never do >< It's nail ADD I tell you! (and a folder of 8000 nail art pics lol)

Amethyst89 said...

Meg, totally cute! I love the glitter too. It's nice and not too much!
And Joice...I'm totally stealing that folder! Such commitment! lol

Melinda Stella said...

I'd love some tutorials! I'm hopeless with nail art

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