artistique-meg Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some friends and I helped out at a Hair show on the weekend and because I was too chicken to enter the nail art section I just painted one of the girls nails so I could say I at least "tried"
I was kicking myself when we got there, they winners received trophies! I could have had a chance at a trophy for nail art! Oh well, next year.

Anyways, Catherine has long lovely nails so I had a lot to work with which just made it ten times more exciting to have a go at something, I went for more detailed Cherry Blossoms this time around!

Forgive me, my camera was dying!

Here's a (kinda) better shot.

I really enjoyed myself with this design! However I can't recall all the products I used, I know the base is Curiouser by SportsGirl with some different whites and glitter sponged over it >.> and the white of the flowers is acrylic paint. I went in open to whatever products worked so I can't remember them all! If there is something you're dying to know just ask and I'll do my best to figure out what it was that I used!

I have some designs stocked up from the past however long so I'll share them as the days go on. I just finished some Wonder Woman nails which I'm stoked on so I can't wait for you all to see them.

Until next time, take care :)


Anonymous said...

Amazing! :) youre very talented!

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