artistique-meg Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I know, it's been far too long. I've been procrastinating and trying to get a-hold of life again. Things are good once more which is pretty awesome. I don't want to fill up your time with a lot of my personal rubbish so I'm just going to get straight on with it. I've got a bunch of designs to share with you over my absence, unfortunately I don't really remember what I used for each design so if there is something you really want to know just ask and I'll do my best to remember/figure it out.

Without further ado I share the random designs;

Kawaii Skulls 

Follow the jump for the rest!

And here we go
Classic Leopard 

Leopard and Zebra 

Telephone Box 

Lindsey 'Fuck U' New Years Nails 

My 21st Birthday Nails, I copied the pattern of my dress. 

With the 3D Acrylic '21' 

Simple Green 

3D Acrylic Experimentation  

Simple Pink 

Orange Kitty 

Random Sanrio Characters 

3D Acrylic Keroppi 

Christmas Holly 

And that's it! A big update, I know but that's what happens when you leave it for so long >.>
Again, id you want to know any of the products comment and I'll do my best to remember.

Thanks for looking and sorry for taking so long!


Joice said...

Yay! So glad you're back, I really missed your designs! And they're all so pretty :D I like the funky french, it looks really eye catching (and easy for me to do :P)

artistique-meg said...

Aw thank you, that's really awesome to hear!! I'm flattered! I totally missed you comments by the way :)

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