artistique-meg Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alrighty so a few weeks ago (maybe) a fellow nail blogger and geek Diana was selling some nail polishes and I of course had to grab a few. One being Eyeko's Vintage Polish. It's a very cute green. I also grabbed Orly Space Cadet and China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-y. I'm having a bit of a green binge so I've just been playing with the Vintage Polish mostly. Not that the other polishes aren't divine!

First off I came up with this minty leopard which I loved. This is two coats of the Vintage Polish, I also used my nail striper in while and Sportsgirl's Oasis

Then in between my friend, Jade offered to do some acrylic nails for me. These are probably the longest I've had acrylics and I've never really had glitter tips so this was all very exciting. If you follow the link you can check out the nails she did for me, they are freaking gorgeous!

Anyway, after a few days of 'bare' nails the need to paint them became to strong and it took me ages to decide what to do because I didn't want to cover up the pretty! I decided on some cute bows and used the Vintage Polish again. This time one coat over a white base so it looks a lot more blue. Also used for this were nail stripers in white, black and green. 

All in all I have fun playing with Eyeko's Vintage Polish. Now with the new bottles (which are nowhere near as cute as the originals) the polish doesn't dry up or go gooey, which is kinda a plus. I'm sure you all know this already anyway!

So thanks for looking, check out my friends; you won't regret it! Also.. 56 followers now! I need to do some kind of giveaway!! Suggestions?


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