artistique-meg Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cute little cupcakes and donuts for today's design. I'm really liking these, they're all girly and pretty hehe. I like the background as it is too but I thought it was too simple to post on here because of the other stuff I've uploaded in the past. 

Left Hand

Right Hand

That cupcake is a bit messed up but I really like the donuts on this hand so I had to share.

What I used: Glossyblosso in Mat Rose and Hawley Manicure Pen in Hot Pink for the background. Ultra3 in Spring Fling, Honolulu, and Bo Peep, Rossburn in Lilac, Satin in Shade 15, and 2 and Hawley Manicure Pen in Black.

Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think!


Cydonian said...


Tamz said...

Gorgeous cupcake nails!

Joice said...

I have such a craving for sweets now. Dooooooonuts! Chocolate filled dooooonuts! Gah! Why do I have to be allergic to the hazelnuts in that cream? WHY?!

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