artistique-meg Friday, May 21, 2010

Guess what? I'm sick again! Yay! :( Caught another cold, this one is extra horrible. So last night I thought to make myself smile I'll do some cute/colourful nails. That failed, completely. I just couldn't get it right so I just threw on a colour and called it a night.

I wasn't satisfied with it this morning so I thought for a while and decided I'd try again. And here is my result, Tiny Pandas! (Get it, like Giant Pandas haha) It's cute and makes me smile when I feel like crap so it's done it's job!

This is a picture in the sun so you can see the prettiness of the silver. And here's a close up of the thumb.

Overall I'm really pleased with this design, it's really quite cute. I'd like to add some bamboo the next time I attempt it!

What I used!
Base Coat:
  • One coat of N.Y.C in Snazzle
  • One coat of Satin in #37 (rainbow glitter)
  • CoverGirl in White Night
  • Hawley Manicure pen in Black
  • Ultra3 in Baby Pink for the cheeks :)

I've been thinking about what else I can add to my blog to help other nail geeks and to get in deeper about my hobby. I'm thinking about sharing what tools I use to get the looks I want, as I don't have the "official" tools (lack of funds) And also how I organise my polishes. I'm not sure if many people would be interested but I think it could entertain myself!

Anyway, until next time, take care!


Anonymous said...

hey meg, they look awesome

Joice said...

Awww look at those flushed cheeks!
I'd love to see your tools :)

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