artistique-meg Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've wanted one of these sets for a long while now. I love the movie Coraline! It's so darn adorable and the score is beautiful. A French chorus...need I say more!? Anyhoot, this Konad kit is adorable with some gorgeous stamp plates and even fantasticer (a la Meg dictionary) special polishes!
Just check this shizz out!

$AU53.56 at
However Konad have been super crafty and created two kits....with different stamp plates. And you can't buy these nail plates separately. See what I mean? Super crafty. Because I love two plates is in Kit I and the other in Kit II

So that is why they're on my wishlist. Because I'll never really buy them lol I may try to get my hands on the special polishes though, one day!


Pammymela said...

I saw a set on amazon - and went WOW! But I didn't realise there were two sets :( Put both of them on my wish list then...

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