artistique-meg Friday, May 28, 2010

Wow, so much to say in this here post. First, I'm now a member of the Gumleaf Mafia which is so darn awesome! Those are the girls that inspired me to record and share what I like to do with my nails and now I'm listed with them. Ohh yeah. Also, it's introduced some new followers/subscribers to my blog so thank you so much! I think that's super awesome and all that jazz!

Second, I cut mah nails, the length was driving me crazy! However, I cut too much than I intended but hey, they'll grow. Lately I've been throwing on a really thin layer of acrylic to help keep my nails strong, they're so soft usually and it also stops polish from chipping so that's awesome.

Anyway, to the nail art! I messed around trying to find something to do with this length so I tried that "on nail marbling" where you blend with a top coat. Worked out quite cool if you ask me ;)

What I used; Again, that unamed lavender that I'm in love with! Blending with Ultra3 in Bo Peep. Lastly CoverGirl in White Night for the peace signs and finally a coat of Out The Door.

What I want to ask is if anyone has advice for nail art for shorter nails? What do you think would look good on my nails? haha


Pammymela said...

How do you do 'on nail blending' - with a sponge? It does look nice.

Now, I'm giving you a sweet blog award if you'd like it. You can see it here:

artistique-meg said...

I just used a clear polish and worked the colours together, it's bit more seamless than with a sponge :)

Ohh, thank you! Yes, I would love it :D:D

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is what I always do, pretty simple, but better then just one color:
polka dot's on top of any color!

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